Antifr.dll and PCGuard

What are Antifr.dll and PCGuard?

Antifr.dll is a Radialpoint Client that belongs to Radialpoint Security Services 6.0. This dll file is commonly installed with PCGuard, a security software suite that Virgin Media provides for their subscribers. The PCGuard security software suite is available to Virgin Media?s subscribers at no cost. However, Virgin Media?s PCGuard Total? comes with a ?3 subscription fee every month for subscribers who have M broadband size. For subscribers who have L to XXL broadband size subscriptions, PCGuard Total? is free.

PCGuard offers Virgin Media subscribers a firewall, antivirus, pop-up blocker and privacy manager for free. Subscribers can also get PCGuard Total? which comes with the added protection of anti-spyware, anti-theft and parental controls. There is a fee for PCGuard Total? for some subscribers, but the program is free for others depending on connection type.

Customer Issues

Some users have been experiencing problems with PCGuard, reporting that the program is heavy on system resources. Others say that PCGuard frequently fails and sends out an error message. Included in the error message is a statement to the effect that a reboot will fix the error. Users say that rebooting does not resolve the problem, even after rebooting multiple times.

Antifr.dll Error Message

Here is an example of an error message that may be displayed for antifr.dll on PCGuard.

Rps.exe-unable to locate component
This application has failed to start because AntiFR.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fit this problem.

If you?re not exactly sure what is wrong with PCGuard, you can run a diagnostic test.

Running a Diagnostic Test

  1. Go to PCGuard and exit.
  2. Next, click Start and select Programs.
  3. Select PCGuard.
  4. Select Diagnostic Utility.
  5. Tests will start once you click Next.

If the Diagnostic Test finds a problem, like the antifr.dll error mentioned above, the program will attempt a repair.

If the problem is for the antivirus component, click Repair Options.

  1. Select Repair antivirus and click OK.
  2. Wait for the repair to finish and reboot.

How to Fix Antifr.dll Errors and PCGuard Issues

There are several ways to address this problem along with the other concerns being voiced by Virgin Media internet subscribers.

Issue – PCGuard Consumes Resources


Users have noted that PCGuard can consume a lot of CPU resources. Users who are unhappy with the performance of PCGuard can choose to uninstall the security software. If you are experiencing difficulties removing the program, use a reliable uninstaller utility like Perfect Uninstaller.

There are many antivirus and anti-spyware programs that can do the job as effectively, if not better, without consuming a lot of resources.

Issue ? Unable to Access the Internet


  • Check firewall settings. Make sure that your browser hasn?t been blocked.
  • If you have PCGuard Total?, check the Parental Control settings. Check if the website you are trying to access has been blocked.
  • You should also check to see if Parental Control settings? scheduled access is not blocking all connections. This is applicable for users who have PCGuard Total installed in their systems.
  • Make sure that your current firewall does not stop PCGuard or rps.exe from accessing the Internet.

Issue – Antifr.dll is missing


Completely uninstall PCGuard from your system. Make sure that no traces are left. You can run a registry cleaner to ensure that there are no leftover entries that could possibly affect reinstallation or cause future errors.

Download PCGuard from Virgin Media?s website. Or use the installation CD that came with your internet subscription. Note that only subscribers of Virgin Media can use PCGuard. The service will stop once a subscriber stops being a Virgin Media client.

Follow the installation instructions.

This should restore the missing antifr.dll file.