Common Mfx80.dll Error Messages and Their Solutions

Mfc80.dll is a Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 module. You may come across many different mfc80.dll error messages on your computer. Some of the common ones are:

"Mfc80.dll Not Found"

"The file mfc80.dll is missing."

"Cannot start [APPLICATION_NAME]. A required component is missing: mfc80.dll. Please install [APPLICATION_NAME] again."

"Cannot find [FULLPATHtoFILE]\mfc80.dll"

"This application failed to start because mfc80.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

Causes of Mfc.dll Errors

Mfc80.dll errors may occur when the files get corrupted or deleted when you use or install new software, when you start or shut down Windows or when you install Windows. Some of the common causes that may lead to these errors are:

  • Damaged registry
  • Virus or spyware infection
  • Hardware failure

Methods To Resolve Mfc80.dll Errors

Follow the steps listed below to resolve this error.

  1. First, it is best to ensure that the file is not deleted accidentally. To ensure this, check your Recycle Bin. If you find the mfc80.dll file there, restore it to resolve the errors.

  2. In case the error appears soon after you install a new program, try one of the following:

    1. Look for an update for the software you installed. If you find one, install it to resolve the errors.

    2. Try to obtain the missing file from a legitimate source on the Internet or another computer with a similar configuration and copy it to the mfc80.dll file location on your computer.

    3. If the above two steps don?t work, perform a System Restore to rollback your PC settings to the time when it was free from errors.

  3. Use efficient antimalware tools, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and Spyware Cease to perform a thorough scan of your computer and ensure that there is no file masquerading as mcf80.dll and generating the error.

  4. ?Update the drivers of the devices that might be associated with the mfc80.dll file. For example, if you receive the missing mfc80.dll error while running a 3D video game, you may need to update the drivers of your Video. You may easily and automatically update your drivers with the help of the driver scan and update tool, Driver Finder.

  5. Mfc80.dll file is a Microsoft file. So, you my use the System File Checker command, sfc /scannow to replace the corrupt or missing mfc80.dll file on your computer.

  6. Perform a Windows Update to install the latest security releases and patches on your computer. It is quite likely that the latest Mfc80.dll is installed on your computer during the process.

  7. Use the chckdsk command to check your hard disk for bad clusters or sectors. Mark the tool to repair any detected errors. If the error is due to a problem in the hard disk, it should resolve itself after the chkdsk repair process completes.

  8. Use an efficient registry tool, such as RegServe, to scan and fix registry errors.

  9. If none of the above methods work, perform a clean install of Windows. This will replace all Windows files on your computer and resolve the errors.

If nothing works, the problem is quite likely caused by a hardware malfunction and you may either use a reliable PC diagnostics tool to check your PC for hardware issues or get the system checked by a computer expert. If a malfunctioning hardware component is detected, you must get it repaired or replaced to resolve the errors.