How to Use Darkx.dll Game Hack

Darkx.dll is a hack for the online game Gunz, which is a third person shooting game that allows players to perform moves similar to those in action movies and anime. Gunz uses Korean style or K-style gameplay. A Gunz character can cancel certain character animation or use a sequence of simultaneous dual actions to create combos.

How to Use Darkx.dll

  1. Download the full version of Darkx.dll.
  2. Extract the file into a custom map.
  3. Download OMFGZ multi dll injector or INJEC-TOR. You can use either of these to inject your dll.

If you use OMFGZ as your injector, just pick your dll and start your game. ONFGZ will auto inject the dll into your game.

If you use INJEC-ToR, type Gunz.exe in the text field and check Use Watch.

  1. Go to
  2. Play game.
  3. Open OMFGZ multi dll injector when gunzlauncher is ready to start.
  4. Click browse and select darkx.dll when you need to hack.
  5. Click Start game.

Darkx commands

Alt+C – Enable Keys [Press In Lobby]
Alt+L – LawnMower [UpperCut]
Alt+M – Ultimate Massives [Tons of Massives]
Alt+S – Shotgun Spam and Slicer [Fires Shotguns Fast]
Alt+N – Shotgun Spam Attacker
Alt+G – God Mode
Alt+F – Follow Attacker [Follows Last Attacker]
Alt+B – Bots Attacker
Alt+I – Tofu Maker
Numpad 2,4,5,6, and 8 – Teleport in Different Directions

Pressing the keys again turns the hack off.

There are known errors to these hacks.

Known Errors

  • Pressing the keys too fast will cause an Error Log.
  • Using teleport too much will get the player launched off the map.
  • Use Follow Last Attacker to Re-Gain from a lost area.

This is an alternate version to the method posted above.

  1. Select your Server.
  2. Select your character.
  3. Enable hotkeys by pressing on Alt+C.

Hot Keys

As with the earlier version, pressing keys too fast can cause an error. A bug is using Instant Massive on God Mod qus qill stant massive.

@item – Displays Items for Quest
@quest Quest Auto Buyer: 1 – Buyer On | 0 – Buy Off
Alt + L – Uber Lawnmower (same hotkey to disable)
Alt + M – Uber Massives (same hotkey to disable)
Alt + S – Shotgun Spam (same hotkey to disable)
Alt + N – Shotgun Spam Attacker (same hotkey to disable)
Alt + G – God Mode (same hotkey to disable)
Alt + F – Follow Attacker (same hotkey to disable)
Alt + B – Bot Attacker(same hotkey to disable)
Alt + I -Tofu Tower(same hotkey to disable)
012468 – Teleport(Use Number Pad To use.)

Downloading files off the internet can be risky business. Always scan any file you download with a reliable antivirus program. Keep yourself better protected by using an anti-spyware program at the same time. Make sure that both are always updated.

Choose your download sites carefully. Some sites are virus and Trojan repositories. Always practice safe internet surfing and downloading.