Dealing With Xvidcore.dll Not Found Error

What is Xvidcore.dll?

The xvidcore.dll file is associated with XviD Codec and is installed on your system when you install this codec. You require XviD Codec to successfully play XviD movies and music on your computer. After you install this codec, you can play the XviD movie or video files on any media player of your choice.

Xvidcore.dll error and its resolution

You may encounter the ?Xvidcore.dll not found? error message when you try to play an XviD audio or video file on a media player, such as Windows Media Player or Winamp.

Discussed below are some common causes and methods you can use to correct the error.

XviD Codec is not present on your system

You may receive the above error if XviD Codec is not installed on your system. To correct this issue, download the latest version of XviD Codec from the Internet and then run your XviD file.

Xvid.dll file is missing or corrupt

There are several reasons due to which DLL files present on your system may go missing or get corrupt. Discussed below are some common causes behind missing or corrupt DLL files:

  • One common reason behind missing DLLs is the removal of the DLL files by mistake. This generally happens when a user tries to delete a similar named file but instead removes a DLL file. To prevent this, take care while deleting files from your system to ensure that only the unwanted files are removed. DLL files on your system may also go missing if any application overwrites the existing version of the DLL with an older version the DLL. To fix the missing DLL error in this case, you may download the latest Xvidcore.dll from a reliable source on the Internet or copy the Xvidcore.dll file from a computer using the same configuration as yours. You need to copy the Xvidcore.dll file to its default location. Also, remember to register the DLL file. You can register a DLL file by following the steps listed below:
    1. Go to the Start menu and select Run.
    2. Type the following command in the box that appears, and then press Enter.Regsvr32 /i <DLL_Full_Name>
  • Malware programs, such as virus, worm, Trojan, spyware, and adware often edit or remove important DLL files present on your system, causing DLL error messages to appear on your screen. To prevent such malware programs form gaining entry to your system, it is imperative that you install a reliable antivirus and antispyware tool, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and Spyware Cease on your PC and perform regular complete system scans. Also, keep these tools up-do-date with the latest virus definitions and security updates.
  • Registry problems are one of the major reasons behind DLL errors. As entries related to DLL files are stored in the registry, DLL errors occur when these entries become corrupt, invalid or get deleted. To ensure this does not happen, you must perform regular registry scans, using an efficient registry cleaning tool, such as RegServe. This tool provides you with simple-to-use options that allow you to perform registry repair and maintenance activities efficiently and quickly.