What is Dimsntfy.dll?

Dimsntfy.dll is a system file that uses the Winlogon key to automatically start. This key is used for programs when specific actions occur. Examples of these would be a user logging on or off, and a computer starting up or shutting down. Dimsntfy.dll is a Microsoft file that is associated with credential roaming. Users of Windows 2003 and Windows XP may find the dimsntfy dll file in their systems. The known file size for this dll is 28,672 bytes, and the Dimsntfy.dll file is usually found under the dllcache directory.

Users should be aware that there is a rogue DIMSNTFY.DLL malware file circulating. Always be wary whenever you download a file off of the internet. Unless you are downloading it directly off the vendor or manufacturer?s website, there is very little to guarantee that you are getting the correct file.

Always use a dependable antivirus program. Pair your antivirus with an equally dependable anti-spyware program to maximize your protection. You should always keep both antivirus and anti-spyware programs updated.

New malware threats arise every day. The smarter users get, the smarter malware users have to be to get their rogue programs into people?s systems. Users may not even be aware that their computer, and thus their identity and privacy have been compromised until it is too late.

If identifying the threat is difficult, removing the identified threat can be even more so. As antivirus and anti-spyware programs become more advanced and sophisticated, malware authors also move their malware programs up a notch. Avoiding detection allows rogue programs like DIMSNTFY.DLL to invade your system without a hitch and provide the authors with a means to harvest your information or use your machine for other nefarious activities.

DIMSNTFY.DLL behaves in the following ways. DIMSNTFY is created as a process on a disk and is added as a Winlogon entry. This allows the rogue dll file to be automatically loaded once the system starts up. DIMSNTFY.DLL is also deleted as a process on the disk and registers as a dynamic link library file.

DIMSNTFY.DLL is believed to have originated from either one of the following countries: Latvia, Japan, Spain or the European Union.

Users may not? recognize the DIMSNTFY.DLL file because this malware file takes on many different names:


If you would like to avoid being infected, always surf the internet wisely. Scan any file you download using the latest updated antivirus product. Make sure your information is secure and that there are no keyloggers or similar devices on your system. Keep yourself protected with a good anti-spyware program.

Run regular registry scanning checks to make sure that your registry is clean, free of bloat and errors. Removing leftover entries can help identify, prevent and fix potential errors.