Fix Cnxtsdk.dll Error

Cnxtsdk.dll is a component of a Conexant modem driver.

Below is the error message that you may receive at system Startup if you have download the wrong driver for your device.

Cannot load the dll CnxtSdk.dll.

The application failed to initialize properly(0xc0000142) Click on OK to terminate the application.

This particular error is pretty simple to resolve.

How to Fix Cnxtsdk.dll Error

  1. To fix cnxtsdk.dll errors, go to Start.
  2. Next, go to Control Panel.
  3. In Add Remove Programs, remove the following:
    • Dell Modem On Hold
    • Dell Digital Line Detect

This should fix the problem.

If you are experiencing any problems uninstalling software, you can also use an uninstaller utility to help you with the process.? Perfect Uninstaller is a good tool to use for uninstalling stubborn applications that Windows Add Remove Programs can?t remove.

You should? be aware of the large amount of malware lurking on the Internet these days. ? Most of these malware programs closely mimic the names, and in some cases take on the names, of completely legitimate programs. Always double check to see if the file you have is the valid one or not by checking file sizes and? locations.

Use a consistently reliable antivirus and anti-spyware program to keep threats in check, and regularly update your security software to make sure that you are as protected as possible.

You should always use safe Internet surfing practices, as preventing malware intrusions is far easier than getting rid of them.