How to Fix Connapi.dll Errors

The connapi.dll process belongs to the PC Connectivity Solution program. This process is a Connectivity API from Nokia PC suite software.

Causes of Connapi.dll Error Messages

You may receive error messages related to the connapi.dll file at system startup or shutdown, while you are using a particular program or during installation of a program. Connapi.dll error messages can also pop up during a Windows installation or when you start the Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 application.

Connapi.dll errors occur when the related file, connapi.dll becomes corrupt or is removed. The errors may also occur if you are using Photoshop 6.0 and Connapi.dll errors can also occur due to hardware failure. In some instances, connapi.dll errors may indicate a registry problem or the presence of malware programs on your PC.

Common Connapi.dll Error Messages

Listed below are common connapi.dll error messages that may appear on your screen.

  • "Connapi.dll Not Found"
  • "This application failed to start because connapi.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."
  • "Cannot find [PATH]\connapi.dll"
  • "The file connapi.dll is missing."
  • "Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component is missing: connapi.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again."
  • ?apdproxy.exe: Unable to locate component. This application failed to start because ConnAPI.dll was not found?

Steps to Repair Connapi.dll Errors

Listed below are the steps that will help you get rid of the connapi.dll errors. In case your PC fails to boot normally due to the connapi.dll error, you may choose to perform these steps by starting in Windows in Safe Mode.

  • Remove NOKIAManager.mox from Photoshop Elements

    The file NOKIAManager.mox is used by the Photoshop Photo Download feature to download files from a Nokia phone. If you don?t use this phone, you can safely remove this file from your computer.
    To do this, first close the Photoshop Elements application and then delete the NOKIAManager.mox file located in the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 6.0\moxplugins folder.

  • Reinstall Nokia PC Software Suite

    Nokia PC software suite is required to download photos from your Nokia phone. If you don?t have this software, or if the software installation on your PC has gone corrupt, you may come across the Connapi.dll error. To resolve the issue in this case, you need to install (or reinstall) Nokia PC software suite from the CD that came with your Nokia phone.

  • Restore The Missing Connapi.Dll File From the Recycle Bin

    One reason behind the connapi.dll error could be the accidental deletion of the file. If you suspect this is the case, restore the connapi.dll file from the Recycle Bin. If you have already emptied the Recycle Bin then you may use a file recovery program to restore the file.

  • Scan Your System Using An Antivirus Program

    Many malicious programs are known to disguise themselves as genuine connapi.dll file, causing frequent error messages to appear on your screen. Install a good antivirus tool, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and run a complete system scan to get rid of malicious programs and errors caused by them.

  • Perform System Restore to Undo System Changes

    If you suspect you are receiving the connapi.dll file error because of any recent changes that you made to an important file or system configuration, then it is recommended you perform a System Restore to fix the problem.

  • Update Your Drivers

    You may be experiencing the connapi.dll error due to driver problems. To correct the issue, update the drivers for hardware devices that might be using this DLL file.

    Similarly, if you see that you are facing the connapi.dll error after you have updated a driver of any hardware device then roll back to the previous installed driver.

    You can easily perform these tasks with the help of a reliable driver scanner tool, such as Driver Finder.

  • Install Windows Updates

    Microsoft constantly issues new service packs or other patches, which replace or update numerous Microsoft distributed DLL files. Installing Windows Updates may replace or correct the damaged connapi.dll file.

  • Perform Registry Scan and Repair

    Connapi.dll errors may also occur if the entries related to this file in the registry are invalid or corrupt. To resolve these issues you need to perform a thorough registry scan, using an advanced registry cleaner, such as RegServe to get rid of invalid connapi.dll registry entries.