Fix Dbgeng.dll was not Found Error

Dbgeng.dll is a file that is associated with Microsoft Corporation?s Visual Studio 2005. Visual Studio is used to develop console and graphical user interfaces, forms applications, web sites, applications and services.

Visual Studio 2005 can write in native or third party code for all Microsoft supported platforms.

When dbgeng.dll goes missing or becomes corrupted, an error message will be shown on users? computer screens saying that dbgeng.dll was not found. Users may even get the suggestion to reinstall the application.

Removing this error is very easy.

How to remove dbgeng.dll error

  1. Download dbgeng.dll from a reliable site.

    (There are many sites that act as lures to unwary internet surfers. These sites contain viruses, Trojans and other malware. Unwary users download these malware and install and execute them in their systems. Thus, their machines can now be exploited.

    Don?t let yourself be a victim. Always use reliable and recommend security software. Keep your antivirus and anti-spyware programs updated at all times. If these two are updated, they will be better able to detect and fight off intrusions.)

  2. Download the file to the specified location listed below, depending on which Windows version you are using:

    • Windows XP: Save the dbgeng file in C:\Windows\System32.
    • Windows NT/2000: C:\WinNT\System32
    • Windows 98: C:\Wndows\System
  3. Reboot and check to see if the problem still occurs.

Consider the issue resolved if the error message no longer appears during Startup.

If the error message still shows up on your screen when you Startup, you may need to register the dbgeng.dll file.

How to Register Dbgeng.dll

  1. Go to Start and then proceed to Run.
  2. Enter regsvr32 dbgeng.dll.
  3. You will get a confirmation message afterwards.