How to Fix Gtgina.dll Log on and Fast User Switching Problems

Many users who have recently purchased and installed a Linksys Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter, WUSB54GC, on a Windows XP based machine, may have experienced Fast User Switching being disabled.

Many users wondered what the issue was and traced the problem to WUSB54GC. Linksys has said that the installation of the Linksys Wireless Network Monitor software will automatically disable both the Windows XP Welcome Screen and Windows XP Fast User Switching.

This is caused by an incompatibility between Fast User Switching and LEAP security. For Windows login account information to be linked to LEAP security, Fast User Switching must be disabled.

This has irritated myriads of users who prefer to use or need to use the Fast User Switching of Windows XP which has been disabled by GTGina.dll.? Linksys advises that the registry entry for GTGina.dll to be kept and should not be removed. Incorrectly removing the file from the registry may lead to boot up issues.

How to Fix Log on and Fast User Switching Problems

Solution 1

  1. Install WUSB54GC without the Linksys Wireless Network Monitor software.
  2. Use Windows XP Wireless Zero Configuration to configure and connect to wireless networks.

Solution 2

  1. Copy the subfolder WUSB54GC from the LINKSYS COMPACT WIRELESS folder in the C:\Program Files folder.
  2. Remove the Linksys wireless USB device from the USB port.
  3. Go to Add Remove Programs.
  4. Uninstall Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter Wireless Network Monitor.

    If you have any problems uninstalling software, use an uninstaller program like Perfect Uninstaller to help you. This application will completely uninstall stubborn programs with just a few clicks.

    You may also use the included uninstaller to uninstall the program if the Add Remove Program option does not work.

  5. Reboot your PC.
  6. Plug in the COMPACT WIRELESS USB adapter.
  7. Direct the New Hardware Wizard to get the drivers from the WUSB54GC folder you copied.

Solution 3

This method involves editing the registry. Care should be taken when doing so because incorrectly editing the registry may lead to serious issues. As registry changes are irreversible, create a backup. You may revert to the backup in the event that unwanted issues arise.

  1. Go to Start and then proceed to Run.
  2. Enter regedit.
  3. Navigate to HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.
  4. Locate GTGina.dll.
  5. Export the registry setting to create a backup.
  6. Delete the registry value for GTGina.dll.

Solution 4

  1. Uninstall the software in Add Remove Programs.
  2. Leave the Wireless adapter plugged in.
  3. Insert the Linksys install disc.
  4. Click Setup when the installer starts.
  5. Do not click on the window that will pop up when setup is complete.
  6. Open Task Manager by pressing on Ctrl+Alt+Del simultaneously.
  7. Highlight the Linksys setup application and End Task.
  8. Go to Start and then proceed to Run.
  9. Enter regedit.
  10. Go to Edit and then to Find.
  11. Locate GTGINA.DLL.
  12. Right click on GTGINA.DLL and rename this entry to GinaDLLOld.
  13. Exit the registry.
  14. Reboot.