How To Fix Icfgnt.dll Error

What is Icfgnt.dll?

Icfgnt.dll is one of the many .dll files associated with Internet Explorer. A .dll file constitutes of a set of codes or commands that facilitates one or more applications to carry out a specific function. Icfgnt.dll file is normally located in the archive

Error message

While loading Internet Explorer, you may encounter the following error message related to this file.

?Windows cannot load the Internet Configuration Library (ICFGNT.DLL). The following error occurred: Error 193 Occurred.?

Cause of Error

The icfgnt.dll error is caused when the icfgnt.dll file is missing or corrupt. Other reasons for the error could be a registry problem or the presence of virus or other malware programs on your computer.

How to repair the icfgnt.dll error?

The following steps guide you on how to correct the icfgnt.dll error:

  1. Restore the icfgnt.dll file from the recycle bin. You might have mistakenly deleted the file, causing the icfgnt.dll error to appear. If this is the case, promptly restore the icfgnt.dll file from the Recycle Bin to correct the error. If you have already emptied the Recycle Bin then you may use a free file recover program to restore the icfgnt.dll file.Note: You should use a free file recover program to recover the icfgnt.dll file only when the file was deleted by you in error and you are sure that it was working properly before you removed it. Otherwise, it is better that you obtain a copy of the file from its original source, such as Windows or your application setup disk.
  1. Reinstall the Internet Explorer. As the icfgnt.dll file is associated with Internet Explorer, reinstalling it should replace the damaged file.
  1. Perform a virus/malware scan of your system. It is possible that a malicious program may have edited or moved the original file, causing the error to appear. Also, certain malware programs are known to disguise themselves as genuine .dll files and can cause severe damage to an unprotected system. We recommend you do a complete system scan, using an efficient antivirus and antispyware tool to ensure that malicious programs, such as virus, adware, and spyware are not present on your system.
  1. Scan your system registry. Entries related to .dll files are stored in the registry. You may receive the icfgnt.dll error if the entries related to this file are damaged or corrupt. In order to ensure that invalid icfgnt.dll registry entries are not the cause of the error, we recommend you perform a complete registry scan, using an advanced registry cleaning tool such as RegServe. Registry cleaning tools efficiently remove invalid entries from the registry, thus keeping it clean and healthy.