How to Fix Missing Advrcntr2.dll for Nero

Advrcntr2.dll is a process belonging to Nero?s burning program. Many users have experienced the following error message after upgrading Nero 6 to Nero 7:

This program requires the file advrcntr2.dll, which was not found on this system.

Users have also complained that they are unable to burn DVDs because the error message keeps popping up. Some users say that the Media Player won?t play when they view videos.

Below are a few other error messages generated by a missing advrcntr2.dll file:

File advrcntr2.dll not found


For Nero to work properly, advrcntr2.dll must be in the system. Advrcntr2.dll can go missing if accidentally deleted, or if it is detected as a threat by antivirus or anti-spyware programs and automatically deleted. Advrcntr2.dll may also go missing with the latest Nero upgrade.

How to fix advrcntr2.dll Error

Solution 1

Restart your computer. Sometimes, a restart can fix issues you are experiencing. So try a restart first. This just might solve your problems. If this doesn?t work, proceed to the next solution.

Solution 2

  1. Record your serial number. This is necessary for later reinstallation of Nero 7.There are two methods of finding your serial number:Method 1
    • Double click on the Nero StartSmart icon on your Desktop. Or, go to Start and click on All Programs. Look for Nero 7. You should find Nero ControlCenter in Nero ToolKit.
    • Open Nero ControlCenter.
    • Click on the Licence icon on the left side.
    • You will see your serial number displayed on the right side.
    • Record your serial number.

    Method 2

    • Click Start and go to Run.
    • Type in regedit in the window that opens.
    • Press OK.
    • This will open your Registry Editor.
    • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ahead\Installation\Families\Nero 7\Info.
    • You will find your serial number displayed next to the Serial7 entry. The structure should be:Retail version: 1Cxx-xxxx-xxxx-…
      Nero Essentials: 4Cxx-xxxx-xxxx-…
    • Record your serial number.
  2. Uninstall Nero from your computer using the Nero uninstaller found in the Nero program group or use Add/Remove programs.

You may also use Perfect Uninstaller if you are experiencing any difficulty in removing programs when using standard Add/Remove programs.

  1. Reboot.
  2. Download and run the CleanTools utility. CleanTools will completely remove Nero from your computer.
  3. Reboot.
  4. Reinstall Nero from your installation CD or downloaded file and update. At this point, reinstallation may resolve the issue.
  5. Reboot.

If the above steps do not resolve your issue with advrcntr2.dll, consider other scenarios. Run an antivirus scan and an anti-spyware scan because a rogue program may be masquerading as advrcntr2.dll. Use only reliable antivirus and anti-spyware programs like STOPzilla Antivirus and Spyware Cease. Be cautious if you find advrcntr2.dll in C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32. This may not be the legitimate file. The location for the advrcntr2.dll file should be C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\Lib.

Solution 3

  1. Copy or download advrcntr2.dll.
  2. Save a copy in C:\Windows\System32.
  3. Go to Start and then go to Run.
  4. Enter regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\advrcntr2.dll

Always exercise caution when downloading files off of the internet. Check file size and version number against known file sizes and version numbers for the file you are downloading.

Keep your antivirus and anti-spyware programs updated. More and more malware are cropping up and an out of date virus definition database may not recognize malware for what they really are.