How to Fix Stlang.dll could not be Loaded Error

Stlang.dll belongs to C-Major Audio from SigmaTel, Inc.

The Stlang.dll may give you the following error message when starting up your system:

The procedure entry point LocalizeString could not be located in the dynamic link library STLang.dll

Clicking on OK will produce another error message.

Sigmatel audio tray application has stopped working.

This error may be produced when Sigmatel Drivers are uninstalled. Uninstalling the drivers through the Device Manager completely removes the Sigmatel driver.

Microsoft includes a High Definition Audio Device driver with the operating system. This can takeover the functions of the uninstalled drivers. If you don?t use 5.1 audio, you can continue to use the built-in audio driver.

How to Fix Stlang.dll could not be Loaded Error

You can load the Sigmatel driver from your OEM driver recovery software. You may also go to Sigmatel and check to see if you can download the necessary drivers there. Usually though, you will be asked to go to your OEM.

Go to your OEM?s download or support page and download the necessary drivers there. This will remove the error.

You should also run a registry scan to check if there any leftover files when uninstalling a software product. These remnants may cause irksome errors which will be resolved when the remnants are removed from the system.

A registry scanner like RegServe can also identify, fix and prevent the occurrence of other registry related errors. This utility will also be able to prevent unsightly registry bloat.