How to Fix Tai2.dll Not Found Error

Tai2.dll is the AOL Topspeed Application Interface from the AOL Corporation.

Error Message:

An error message that you may see that is related to tai2.dll may say that the application failed to start because tai2.dll was not found. You will also be told that reinstalling the component may fix the problem. aolsoftware.exe - Unable To Locate Component

This application has failed to start because tai2.dll was not found.
Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

This error message may appear whether you are online or offline. Some users report being unable to log on to AOL while other users report being unable to log on to any website other than AOL.


This error is most probably caused by uninstalling the Topspeed component of AOL software. Incomplete uninstallation may leave behind traces that lead to the occurrence of the error.

If you decided not to install AOL Search, AOL AIM (which is AOL?s instant messaging service), AOL Desktop, or choose AOL Search as the default search engine, you may also have the tai2.dll error.

How to Fix Tai2.dll Application Failed to Start Error

The fix is quite simple.

If you use AOL:

Simply reinstall the Topspeed package. This will clear the issue and remove the error message that you see.

You should also check your firewall settings. The cause of the error may be caused by your firewall. Certain components like the tai2.dll may be blocked.

If you do not use AOL:

Use a registry cleaner like RegServe to remove remnants of the tai2.dll file. You should also remove the tai2 dll file from your computer.

Errors like this one are easily prevented with the regular use of a registry cleaner. A good registry cleaner will be able to identify and detect possible causes of error. Once these are found, they are then removed from the system. A registry cleaner will also be able to prevent the occurrence of future errors.