How to Fix Uus.dll Not Found Error

Uus.dll is a component of Paretologic Data Recovery software from Paretologic Inc. Paretologic Inc creates a host of products like Paretologic Driver Cure, Paretologic Antivirus Plus, Paretologic Data Recovery Pro, Paretologic Data Recovery, Paretologic PG Surfer, Paretologic Anti-Spyware, Paretologic Spam Controls, Paretologic Privacy Controls, RegCure Registry Cleaner, XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware and XoftSpySE Portable Anti-Spyware.

If you have recently installed and then subsequently uninstalled Paretologic Data Recovery, you may be experiencing a uus.dll error. The error message would look like the one listed below:

Error Message

Error loading C:\Program Files\Common Files\

The specified module could not be found.

You may have noticed that the error message occurs at the same time when your computer is up and running, and that the error appears once a day.


Some users have expressed apprehension that this is caused by a virus on their systems. This apprehension is unfounded.

This error is caused by a Windows Scheduled Task entry that is not removed when Paretologic Data Recovery is uninstalled from the system.


Removing the registry entry for Paretologic Data Recovery will not fix the error. However, the process to resolve this particular error is very simple, fast and easy.

How to Fix Uus.dll Not Found Error

  1. Go to the Start menu.
  2. Then go to All Programs.
  3. Look for Accessories.
  4. Find System Tools under Accessories.
  5. Go to Scheduled Tasks.
  6. Locate the entry for Paretologic Registration.
  7. Click on this entry.
  8. Click on Delete this item to remove Paretologic Registration from the scheduled tasks.
  9. You?re all done. The error should go away now.

While many errors are caused by an incompatibility between various software, the possibility that a virus could cause an error still exists.

To safeguard against threats, you should use a reliable antivirus program that is regularly updated.? Be sure to select a program that works well with other programs and applications to avoid conflicts.

You should also use an anti-spyware program to bolster the protection that is offered by your antivirus program.

Regularly cleaning your registry with a registry scanner can also help in the identification, resolution and prevention of errors.