How to Fix Wimgapi.dll not Found Error

Wimgapi.dll is a dynamic link library file necessary for the proper functioning of vLite. vLite is a freeware tool that allows you to create a customizable Vista installation DVD. With vLite you can leave out drivers and programs you do not want, and it allows you to install Vista using your desired settings and options without the need to respond to prompts.

Earlier versions of vLite contained some files of WAIK, or the Windows Automated Installation Kit. These files cannot be distributed. The creator of vLite, Dino Nuhagic, removed these files from vLite version 1.2.

Error Message

You may get an error message stating that wimgapi.dll could not be found.

How to Fix Wingapi.dll not Found Error

  1. To get vLite to function properly, you first have to download and install WAIK.
  2. Save the program to your computer.
  3. Note that the Windows Automated Installation Kit is distributed as an .img file.
  4. Burn the saved image to a DVD.
  5. Insert the DVD into the machine.
  6. If you start vLite on a machine that runs on Windows x64, vLite will detect the installed WAIK. The former will then copy wimgapi.dll to the vLite folder. The wimgapi.dll file contains the necessary API to mount and unmount WIM images.
  7. However, if you start vLite on a machine that runs on Windows x86, you will receive a prompt asking you to install WAIK again. This is a bug on vLite 1.2. The bug prevents the detection of the Windows Automated Installation Kit.
  8. To get around this bug, copy wimgapi.dll from Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\x86 and place this file in the vLite folder.
  9. Another method that been suggested is to copy the wimgapi.dll file into the Windows System32 folder.
  10. You should also restart the computer after the installation of the programs to allow the system to read into memory the system path environment settings.