Use Layout.dll to Save and Restore Desktop Icon Layout

Layout.dll is a dynamic link library file included in the Windows NT Resource Kit and may be installed on computer systems running Windows 2000 and Windows XP.? Layout.dll adds the Save Desktop Icon Layout and the Restore Desktop Icon Layout options, which is very useful if you frequently change screen resolutions.

How to Save your Desktop Icon Layout

You will need two files from the MS Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit:


Both layout.dll and layout.reg files may be downloaded from various websites. You should be cautious when downloading files off of the Internet as these may turn out to be viruses or some other type of malware.

Always use a powerful antivirus program paired with a reliable anti-spyware program to keep your safe from threats. Your security software should always be updated as you never know when or where a new threat will come from. Always protect yourself with good security tools and practices.

Windows XP:

  • Once you have downloaded layout.dll and layout.reg, place both files into an empty directory.
  • Copy Layout.dll to the WindowsSystem32 directory. This should be done on the hard drive that has Windows XP.
  • Double click on layout.reg. This action will automatically implement the necessary changes in your registry.
  • Go to your Desktop.
  • Arrange your icons according to your preference.
  • Right click on Recycle Bin and select Save Desktop Icon Layout.
  • This will save your Desktop icon arrangement.
  • Once you see Desktop Icon Settings Saved, you may arrange and rearrange your icons and still be able to revert to your saved layout.
  • If you would like to go back to your saved Desktop layout, right click on Recyle Bin and select Restore Desktop Layout.

Windows Vista 32bit:

  • Download and save layout.dll and layout.reg.
  • Copy layout.dll and place the file in C:\Windows\System32\.
  • Double click on layout.reg. This will add the contents to your registry.
  • Right click on the Computer entry in the Start menu.
  • Check to see if you have the following options added:

    Save Desktop Icon Layout
    Restore Desktop Icon Layout

  • Arrange your icons.
  • Click on Save Desktop Icon Layout.
  • Test if the tweak works by rearranging your Desktop icons.
  • This time, click on Restore Desktop Icon Layout.
  • Your icons will revert to the saved arrangement.

This tweak will not work on Windows Vista 64bit. If you would like to do this tweak on a Windows Vista 64bit machine, you will have to use a different setup and install.

If you don?t want to use this option anymore, there is an uninstaller available as a free download.