Remove Aviwusb54gc.dll Error Message

Aviwusb54gc.dll is a dll file for Linksys compact wireless g-usb adapter. A division of Cisco Systems, Inc,? Linksys is a leading vendor of VOIP, wireless and Ethernet networking for home and business users.

When the aviwusb54gc.dll gets corrupted or goes missing, an error message appears. The frequency of the appearance of the error message seems to be different for various users. Some say one, others say three and then there are those who say 40. The message has been seen at system Startup and also at Shutdown.

This error also occurs when some of the application files are copied to the memory, which is either corrupted or not reading properly.

Exception GIFException in module aviWUSB54GC.dll at 000252AF

You are attempting to open a file of type 'Application Extension' (.dll)
These files are used by the computer operating system and by various programs. Editing or modifying them could damage your system.
If you still want to open the file, click Open with, otherwise, click cancel.

The appearance of these error messages can be quite annoying. This is especially true if more than one message appears or the message appears when the user is involved in a task.

Some users say that they can no longer access the internet because of the error.

How to Fix Aviwusb54gc.dll Errors

Fixing the aviwusb54gc.dll is relatively easy.

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Solution 1

  1. Boot your system in Safe Mode by pressing on F8 repeatedly after the Startup beep, but before the Windows screen comes up.
  2. While in Safe Mode, uninstall the adapter drivers in Device Manager.
  3. Uninstall the application or utility from Add Remove programs.
  4. Reboot as you normally would.
  5. Reinstall only the drivers.

This should make the error messages go away.


  1. Go to Start and proceed to All Programs.
  2. Look for Linksys or USB Wireless Adapter.
  3. Use the Uninstall option to uninstall the application and drivers.
  4. Reboot.

This variation may be used if after using Add Remove programs you still receive error messages. This may be due to incomplete uninstallation.

Solution 2

  1. Download the driver appropriate for your device.
  2. Save the file in your C:\ drive.
  3. Check if aviwusb54gc.dll is present after the download completes.
  4. Open 2 windows. One window should show the files you have just downloaded. The other window should be the one under Program Files for your Linksys device.
  5. Drag and drop aviwusb54gc.dll from your C:\ drive into the Program Files folder.
  6. Check if resWusb54Gv4.dll is also present.
  7. If not, drag and drop that file into the C:\ drive into the Program Files folder? too.

Solution 3

  1. Download and install the latest driver version from Linksys.
  2. Insert your adapter.
  3. Follow the new found hardware wizard installation instructions.

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