How to Remove Hvdi.dll Maybe not Installed Message

Hvdi.dll is a component of TeamSpeak, which is a proprietary Voice over IP software often used by gamers to communicate with other team players in most multiplayer games. This gives TeamSpeak users an advantage as they can communicate in real time with other players in forming strategies and launching attacks without having to use the chat window. TeamSpeak users no longer have to wait for replies to come through the chat window and are able to concentrate their hand movements to the game instead of typing responses.

A lack of familiarity with the TeamSpeak client and a dose of confusion may lead to the following error:

Error loading Hawlvoice Library (hvdi.dll) Maybe Not Installed?

This error message is easily resolved. Once this error is resolved, players and other users may use TeamSpeak to talk.

How to Remove Error Loading Hvdi.dll Message:

TeamSpeak for Windows.

  1. Download the TeamSpeak 2 client . The correct file should be:

    TeamSpeak 2 Client
    SHA1: 666c23e4bf275d109475f03821790b9268f94ae0
    MD5: 3c9d1bf8dfd3e257e536f0b87fbec00a

  2. Install the TeamSpeak 2 client.

Note: Do not run TeamSpeak at all until the second download has been put in place. If you do, you will get an error.

  1. Download the TeamSpeak 2 updated executable. The correct file should be:

    TeamSpeak 2 Client (Updated Executable)
    SHA1: 5b21f93b5574b067ac24515e1d43f7dde3297945
    MD5: a19547c94bc7695d1ef53ff8d1db297a

  2. Place this file in the same directory as TeamSpeak 2.
  3. Click Yes when asked to replace the file. This will ensure that you have the most up to date TeamSpeak client.

You may now open and use TeamSpeak to communicate with other in-game players.

For Linux users, the same procedures apply. However, use the following for your downloads:

TeamSpeak 2 Client
SHA1: d54c9c19a2e70cee11f9a04a3523c71da802ee8d
MD5: e93d17a25e07b1cbe400e4eb028ca8f8

TeamSpeak 2 Server
SHA1: 645dc564a7dda61212c8c6e7f2d5e6a3094f9c74
MD5: 05e2bdec80eeed3d935eacb9ada3623e

TeamSpeak 2 Server (Updated Binary)
SHA1: fa589b3502f0f205395856b19374bb111f940f57
MD5: 55dac0e5c05760f1e8232b32a2920db0

There is also an unofficial release for Mac OSX users.


This is still in the Beta stage though and may have issues that are not present with the more established Windows and Linux versions.

Users are advised to download the client and server only from the official TeamSpeak download site. Downloading the file from other locations may allow viruses and Trojans to infiltrate your system.

Protect yourself at all times with comprehensive antivirus and anti-spyware programs. Keep both your antivirus and anti-spyware utilities updated to filter newer threats that arise. Run regular scans to detect and remove threats to your system.