How to Remove Mshtmled.dll Invalid Page Fault Error

The mshtmled.dll has program code that is used by Front Page and other programs when editing HTML pages.

You may receive one of the following mshtmled.dll error messages whenever you try to compose a new email message on your Hotmail account:

Error Message:

IEXPLORE Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Mshtmled.dll

WAOL caused an invalid page fault in module Mshtmled.dll


This problem can be easily resolved. Two workarounds have been suggested by Microsoft to fix this particular issue.

The first suggested workaround asks you to wait until the whole web page has loaded. You should also wait until the box for Rich Text Format turns from gray to white before trying to compose a new email message.

The second suggested workaround is for you to use Microsoft Outlook to access your Hotmail account. If you already have an existing Microsoft Outlook account, you can still add your Hotmail account. You can get more information on how to configure your Outlook Express account and link your Hotmail account from this article.

Malware can often be sent via email attachments. You should never download attachments from unknown parties as these may be viruses or Trojans that can harm your machine or harvest your personal information.

Always use a reliable antivirus program to filter out any possible malware threats. For better levels of protection, pair your antivirus program with an equally reliable anti-spyware program. Keep both these security software up-to-date so that the latest and newest threats may be filtered.