How to Remove Msiebbar.dll Trojan

What is msiebbar.dll?

Msiebbar.dll is a Trojan associated with the malware group TROJAN.AGENT.GEN. This Trojan is also known to be associated with various adware, malware downloader and cloaked malware files. The msiebbar.dll was first reported in the United States and Spain early in the third quarter of 2008.

These files have no known vendor, product information or version information listed in the header. Other sites state that Microsoft Corporation is listed in the Vendor, Product and Version Information file header. However, you should remember that many malware cloak their true natures so as to dupe users into believing that they are legitimate files.

Msiebbar.dll may also use the alias 79620088.SVD to avoid detection.

How does msiebbar.dll behave?

Msiebbar.dll is packed and encrypted using a software packing process. This file also executes processes. Msiebbar.dll may also download program files and other content from the web. You should know that most cloaked malware trick you into downloading other seemingly legitimate files that are actually malware programs that will further infect your system.

Msiebbar.dll has the ability to access the content of the autoexec.bat file and is able to read your email address and phone book details. Msiebbar is also able to visit and interact with websites without your knowledge.

How to Remove Msiebbar.dll

There are many programs and utilities that you can use to remove msiebbar.dll. Use the removal method that is most appropriate for you.

Run a full scan using an antivirus program like STOPzilla Antivirus and delete any entries that you find. You should also run an anti-spyware program like Spyware Cease to remove other traces of msiebbar.dll that may be more deeply rooted in your system. Your anti-spyware program may also find other malware programs that your antivirus may have missed.

Clean your registry with a registry cleaner after you have deleted all entries that point towards the infection. There may be traces of the malware program left in the registry after removal of the infection. These remnants may be a cause of errors in the future. They may also be responsible for the difficulty in the removal of the infecting agent.

You may also use any of the following programs to identify problem areas and clean up your system. These programs include:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Spyware Doctor Free Basic Edition

You may also want to run HijackThis and post your logs in one of the many technical forums that specialize in this kind of log type.