How to Remove Msnp32.dll Unable to Load Error

You may receive the following error message when you start up Windows:

Unable to load the dynamic link library:


The system cannot find the file specified.

Some or all of the following feature is not available:

Microsoft Network

Clicking on OK to load Windows may result in a missing Network Neighborhood icon. You may also be unable to gain access to either the network,? network resources, or both.

Cause of the Error:

This error is caused by a missing, corrupt or unregistered msnp32.dll file.

How to Remove Msnp32.dll Unable to Load Error

Removing the error is a fairly simple procedure. Simply extract a new copy of the Msnp32.dll file from the Windows installation CD. Once you have extracted a new copy, the error message should go away.

If you?d like more information on file extraction, visit the following link to learn how to extract original compressed Windows files.

If the above fix does not work for you, try removing and reinstalling the Client for Microsoft Networks. You may do this by using the Network tool in the Control Panel.? You should also remove any network components which bind the Client for Microsoft Networks including TCP/IP, Ethernet adapter and so on.? Restart Windows with your setup disk loaded. The adapter will automatically be installed and your job is done.

If the above methods do not work, check your system for the following files:


If you do not have these files in your hard drive, extract these files from the Windows installation CD and then restart your computer.