How to Remove Ogacheckcontrol.dll Error

Ogacheckcontrol.dll is a module associated with Office Genuine Advantage or OGA. Office Genuine Advantage is similar to Windows Genuine Advantage as the former requires Microsoft Office users to validate their copy of the software to be able to obtain MS Office updates and downloads.? Since January 2007, MS Office users have had to validate their copies as legitimate. Copies of MS Office that fail the validation will still work, but the functionality is reduced drastically as users are only be able to view but not edit Office documents.

Sometimes, Office Genuine Advantage does not work even if the copy of Microsft Office is authentic.

Here is a fix you can try if Office Genuine Advantage?s ogacheckcontrol.dll is giving you problems.

OGA Manual Active X Installation

  1. Go to Start and click Run.
  2. Type in iexplore
  3. Press OK.
  4. You will get a prompt to download
  5. Select Open.
  6. A window will open. This will show two files: OGACheckControl.dll and OGAControl.inf.
  7. Leave this window open for now.
  8. Go back to Start and click Run.
  9. Type in system32.
  10. Press OK.
  11. If you are on Windows XP, click Show Files to access the system directory.
  12. Drag OGACheckControl.dll from the open window to System32.
  13. If you get a prompt to overwrite, click Yes. Vista users may need to provide Administrator permission.
  14. Click the Start button and go to Run.
  15. Type in regsvr32 OGACheckControl.dll.
  16. Press OK.
  17. You will get a confirmation message.
  18. Reboot your PC.
  19. Validate MS Office.

For additional problems, you may want to look at the article from Microsoft on how to troubleshoot problems when you try to activate an Office product.

There is also a related article on how to troubleshoot Microsoft Office 2007 if you are experiencing problems activating the program.

If the problem lies with the Cryptographic Service, Windows Genuine Advantage or Office Genuine Advantage will not be able to validate your products as genuine.

Here is the fix for this error.

  1. Go to Genuine Diag.
  2. Once the page is open, click on Start Diagnostic.
  3. Click the Resolve Now button if the tool finds any issues.
  4. The tool will resolve the issue or provide you with further instructions.

If this option still fails, you may want to read an article on Microsoft if you still cannot install updates or programs.