Remove Sbmdl.dll Trojan from your System

Sbmdl.dll is a Browser Help Object and runs automatically whenever Internet Explorer is started. Sbmdl.dll is a Trojan? and should be removed immediately.? This dll file is unsafe and poses a security risk to your system.

Sbmdl.dll is associated with the Malware Dropper and Malware Downloader groups. The sbmdl.dll is known to be packed and or encrypted using a software packing process. The file?s behavior includes creation and registration as a browser help object in Internet Explorer as previously mentioned. Sbmdl.dll is also enabled as an in process object or server. This is common among dll injections. Sbmdl is also created as a process on the hard disk and is registered as a dynamic link library file. However, this file can also be deleted as a process on the hard disk.

Sbmdl.dll has been seen in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, Spain, Switzerland and the European Union.

Sbmdl.dll may use any one of the following aliases as camouflage:


Sbmdl.dll may have differing file sizes.? The known file sizes include 8,192, 10,240, 9,728 and 7,680 bytes.

Note that browser help objects are not stopped by your firewall because they are identified as part of your browser. This behavior is exploited by adware and spyware.

How to Remove Sbmdl.dll Infection

Solution 1

Scan your system using an antivirus program followed by an anti-spyware program with System Restore turned off. Some infections may be retriggered if System Restore is on.

You may also want to run a registry cleaner to remove possible remnants of the unwanted file from your system. If you do any online transactions like banking, change all your passwords.

Solution 2

If scanning with your antivirus and anti-spyware programs fails to remove sbmdl.dll from your system, more specialized tools may be needed.

You may want to use HijackThis, Combofix, MGTools, The Avenger, ATF Cleaner or Smitfraudfix.exe to delete sbmdl.dll. However, these are specialty tools and should not be used by a novice user. These tools are more for the advanced user who has a better comprehension of how these utilities work.

You may seek assistance from technical forums where users and moderators would be more than willing to help you with the abovementioned tools.