How to Repair Advrcntr3.dll Error

Advrcntr3.dll is a runtime library file that belongs to Nero AG?s AdvrCntr Module. This file is necessary for Nero to function properly.

Errors occur when advrcntr3.dll is deleted, goes missing or is corrupted. Error messages regarding your serial number may be displayed or Internet Explorer may crash frequently. The most common error message that is displayed is? This program requires the file advrcntr3.dll, which was not found on this system.

Advrcntr3.dll can be downloaded for free online. However, you should still exercise caution as some sites can be virus repositories. You may find that you have downloaded a virus or some other form of malware instead of the legitimate advrcntr3.dll file you are looking for. Always use trusted and reliable antivirus and anti-spyware programs, and keep them up to date.

When you download a dll file, be sure to check the file size and version. If the file size and version number don?t match known sizes and versions, you may be downloading a virus.

What to do if Nero is asking you to retrieve your serial number:

If you still have Nero 8 installed on your system, your serial number can be found in the registry.

  1. Pull up the registry editor by going to Start and then going to Run.
  2. Enter regedit.
  3. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Nero\Installation\Families\Nero 8\Info. Your serial number will be displayed beside the Serial8 entry and should look like this:1K2x-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx or
  4. Write down your serial number.
  5. Get the updated Nero version from the Nero downloads page with your serial number written down.
  6. When the updated installer has finished downloading, uninstall the corrupted version.
  7. Use Nero?s uninstaller to remove the files. Download CleanTools to completely uninstall Nero from your computer.
  8. Using Windows Search, locate and remove all Nero folders. Include hidden files and folders in your search parameters. However, do not delete the updated installer.
  9. Run a registry cleaner like RegServe. You should create a backup of your registry and a restore point to be on the safe side before running a registry scan.
  10. Reinstall Nero 8. Advrcntr3.dll will be present in a clean install.

What to do if advrcntr3.dll is missing

  1. Download advrcntr3.dll.
  2. Unzip the folder and extract advrcntr3.dll.
  3. Place a copy in C:\Windows\System32.
  4. Go to Start and then go to Run.
  5. Enter cmd.
  6. Enter regsvr32 advrcntr3.dll.
  7. A confirmation message will be displayed.

Your Nero product will now function properly.