Resolve ?Dhcpcsvc.dll Was Not Found? Error In Windows 98

Dhcpcsvc.dll ? File Information

The Dhcpcsvc.dll file is a Windows file that is used to provide DHCP client services. ?Dhcpcsvc.dll is known to be statically linked to the following files:

  • msvcrt.dll
  • ntdll.dll
  • Secur32.dll
  • USER32.dll
  • RPCRT4.dll
  • KERNEL32.dll
  • ADVAPI32.dll
  • iphlpapi.dll
  • DNSAPI.dll
  • WS2 32.dll

Being statically linked means that when dhcpcsvc.dll is loaded the above mentioned DLLs are also automatically loaded. If one or more of above DLLs are corrupt or missing, dhcpcsvc.dll will fail to load.

Also, given below is a list of files that are statically linked to the dhcpcsvc.dll file:

  • mdhcp.dll
  • dot3msm.dll
  • routetab.dll
  • dhcpqec.dll
  • wzcsvc.dll

When any of the above files is loaded, dhcpcsvc.dll automatically gets loaded too.

Dhcpcsvc.dll Error

You may get the following error when you try to start the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 game on a computer that has either Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition or Microsoft Windows 98 Standard Edition installed:

?A required .dll file dhcpcsvc.dll was not found.?

Cause of the Error

This dhcpcsvc.dll error is reported when either of the following conditions holds true:

  • Network software is not installed.
  • Network software is installed but some of its installation files are missing, corrupt, or damaged.


To repair this issue, you need to install Dial-Up Networking on your Windows 98 computer. To achieve this, perform the steps illustrated below:

  1. Go to Start, select Settings, and then click Control Panel to open its corresponding window.
  2. Next, double-click the Add or Remove Programs icon.
  3. Next, on the Windows Setup tab, first click Communications, and then click Details.
  4. Select the Dial-Up Networking check box.
    Note: In case you find that the Dial-Up Networking check box is already selected, clear the checkbox. Next, complete the steps listed below and then repeat all the steps. This will reinstall Dial-Up Networking and restore any missing files.
  5. Click OK twice.
  6. Finally, restart your computer.

You may also encounter dhcpcsvc.dll errors on your computer if the dhcpcsvc.dll file is corrupt. Malware infection is the biggest cause of corrupt DLLs. Malware programs, such as worms, trojans, and viruses deliberately edit or delete the codes embedded in DLL files and make them inaccessible.

If a malware has caused the dhcpcsvc.dll file to become corrupt, you may receive a dhcpcsvc.dll error every time an application tries to access this file. To repair dhcpcsvc.dll errors due to malware infection, scan your entire system using advanced protective tools, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and Spyware Cease.

Apart from malware infection, a corrupt registry may also cause recurring dhcpcsvc.dll errors on your computer. To prevent this, regularly scan your registry, using a reliable registry cleaning tool, such as RegServe. It is an easy-to-use but powerful tool that allows you to perform custom registry scans to identify and repair DLL errors.