Resolving Common Msvcrt.dll Errors

The msvcrt.dll file contains codes that are used to run programs that are written using Visual C++ language. In this article we will discuss a few instances of msvcrt.dll errors and their resolutions.

Error 1

When you start your Windows XP computer, you may encounter the following error:
Services.exe: Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point _resetstkoflw could not be located in the dynamic link library Msvcrt.dll.

Cause of the Error

The above error occurs when a third-party application replaces the msvcrt.dll with its own version that does not contain the _resetstkoflw function.

Resolution Steps

To repair the above issue, replace the msvcrt.dll file with the original version. You can do this from Windows XP Recovery Console. Here are the steps:

  1. Boot your computer with Windows XP installation CD.
  2. Next, at the Welcome to Setup screen, press the R key to launch Recovery Console.
  3. Select the Windows XP installation you want to repair and enter the administrator password if required. The Recovery Console window will be displayed.
  4. Type cd system32 at command prompt and press Enter to change to the system32 directory.
  5. Type ren msvcrt.dll msvcrt.old.dll and press Enter to rename the msvcrt.dll file.
  6. Type CD-ROM_or_DVD-ROM_Drive_Letter: and press Enter to change to the CD-Rom drive. Here, CD-ROM_or_DVD-ROM_Drive_Letter letter points to the drive letter of your CD_ROM or DVD_ROM drive.
  7. Type cd \i386 and press Enter to change to the i386 directory on the CD.
  8. Type expand msvcrt.dl_ BootDriveLetter:\windows\system32 and press Enter to change to extract the original msvcrt.dll file from the Windows XP CD and copy it to the system32 directory on your Windows XP computer. Here, BootDriveLetter points to the drive letter of the drive on which you have installed Windows.

Type exit and press Enter to exit Recovery Console and restart your PC normally. Remember to remove the Windows XP CD from its drive before the system restarts.

Error 2

When you open the Microsoft Outlook 2000 Standard Edition, you may receive an error message similar to the ones displayed below:

?Outlook has caused an IPF in msvcrt.dll?


?Outlook has caused an error in msvcrt.dll?

Resolution Step

To rectify the issue, install the latest Microsoft Office XP Service Pack on your computer.

Error 3

When you run a Microsoft Visual Basic program on a Windows 98 Standard Edition or a Windows 95 computer, you may receive the following error:

?Program caused an invalid page fault in module MSVCRT.DLL at xxxx:xxxxxxxx?

Cause of the Error

The above error occurs if you have version 6.00.8168.0 of the msvcrt.dll installed on your computer.

Resolution Step

To fix the above msvcrt.dll error, download and install the Microsoft Libraries Update on your computer. In case you installed the Microsoft Libraries Update before you installed the Visual Basic Program, then you need to download and install the Microsoft Libraries Update again to rectify the issue.

In addition to the msvcrt.dll errors discussed above, you may also receive msvcrt.dll errors if the DLL file is infected. Malware programs, if present, corrupt your DLL files and cause errors. If the msvcrt.dll file is infected, you may encounter an msvcrt.dll error every time an application or program tries to access this DLL.

To repair DLL errors, such as msvcrt.dll occurring due to malware infection, run a malware scan on your entire computer, using advanced security software, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and Spyware Cease.

Besides malware infection, another common cause of msvcrt.dll errors is a corrupt or damaged registry. To prevent DLL and other errors from occurring due to registry issues, regularly clean your registry.

You may seek the help of a reliable registry cleaning software, such as RegServe to efficiently clean your registry. It is a powerful, yet simple to use tool that allows you to perform custom registry scans to identify and fix DLL errors.