All about Riched32.dll and Riched32.dll Error Removal

What is Riched32.dll?

Riched32.dll is a module that contains functions for Rich Text Edit Control. This file is used by Windows to allow formatting in a text editor.

There are three different riched32.dll files which share the same version number of 5.0.1458.47. Of the three, only one is not redistributable.

Each of the three riched32.dll files has a different size:

The general release version is only 169KB.

The 176KB version is identical in code to the general release version, but is optimized for loading on Windows 98.

A much larger version, at 225KB, this particular riched32.dll file is intended to cover all localized versions. This is also dependent on the GAPI32.dll file. This particular version was released by the Microsoft Exchange group, and is also the only version that cannot be distributed. A system that is already running this particular version should not replace this with another riched32.dll file with a different size.

If you are going to distribute riched32.dll through third party software, note that your setup program should not replace the riched32 dll file if the system is on NT 4.0. If the system is running on Windows 2000, riched32.dll should not be installed by setup programs as the file is already a part of the system installation.

How to Tell

If you use Setup Wizard in Visual Basic 5.0 or the Package and Deployment in Visual Basic 6.0 as both distribute 4.00.993.4. Only older files are replaced in systems where they are supposed to run.

The riched32.dll Visual Basic 5.0 goes to Program Files\DevStudio\VB\Setupkit\Kitfil32\Sys32 while Visual Basic 6.0 places the dll file in Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98\Wizards\PDWizard\Redist.

Riched32.dll is not included in the Redist.txt file for Visual Basic 6.0 but may be included in the distribution set. This will not install on a computer running Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000.

Riched32.dll is included in Redist.txt for Visual Basic 5.0.

Error Message:

The operation could not be completed. Riched32.dll failed to load. Please re-install.

MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in module Riched32.dll

MSIMN caused an exception 0000006h in module Riched32.dll

The item could not be displayed. You need more memory or system resources. Close some windows and try again.

EXCHNG32 caused an invalid page fault in module Riched32.dll

Could not load the RichEdit control DLL. The file Riched32.dll may be missing or corrupt.


The first error message means that riched32.dll is missing. The following error messages mean that the file is damaged.


If the riched32.dll file is missing:

WordPad may not be installed.

Check if WordPad is present in your system. To do this:

  1. Go to Start and then go to Control Panel.
  2. Double click on Add/Remove Programs and click on the Windows Setup tab.
  3. Click on Accessories and click on Details.
  4. Check the WordPad box if this is not ticked.
  5. Click on OK. Click on OK again.

If WordPad is installed:

Extract riched32.dll from the original disks or CD of Windows 95 or Windows 98.

If the riched32.dll file is damaged:

  1. Click Start and go to Find.
  2. Click Files and Folders.
  3. Type riched32.dll in the Named box.
  4. Click Find Now.
  5. In the results, rename riched32.dll to a different file name.
  6. Press Enter.

Should you receive an Access Denied error when renaming riched32.dll, restart in MS-DOS mode after going through Start, Shut Down. Type in the following commands at the command prompt and press Enter after each command:

ren riched32.dll

Extract riched32.dll from the original disks or CD of Windows 95 or Windows 98.