Steps To Fix Common Msvcr71.dll Errors

What is Msvcr71.dll?

The msvcr71.dll module is a key Windows file and is associated with Microsoft Visual C Runtime Library.

Windows operating systems and various applications depend on this file to control and display items, such as mouse events, drop-down menus, scroll bars and buttons. The msvcr71.dll file is used by both Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications.

Error Messages

Listed below are a few examples of some of the msvcr71.dll error messages that may occur on a Windows computer:

  • ?Msvcr71.dll Not Found?
  • ?The program failed to initialize as msvcr71.dll file was not located. Re-install the program to correct the problem?
  • ?Not able to find [PATH]\msvcr71.dll.?
  • ?The file msvcr71.dll is found missing.?
  • ?Not able to start [Program]. A necessary component is missing: msvcr71.dll. Please install [Program] again.?

Cause of Errors

Msvcr71.dll errors occur due to a variety of reasons. Listed below are some common reasons behind these errors:

  • Incorrect installation of any application or installation of a faulty software on the system.
  • Presence of outdated or obsolete files on the system.
  • Overwriting of a current version of msvcr71.dll by an older or incompatible version during installation of any application.
  • Virus infections.
  • Damaged or corrupt registry.

Resolution Steps

Follow the steps listed below to fix the msvcr71.dll error:

  1. Reinstall any recently installed applications. If you are experiencing the msvcr71.dll error after you have installed any new application or program on your computer, then uninstall and reinstall the application again to rectify the error. Incorrect installation often causes DLL errors. That is why before proceeding with a new installation, you should always ensure that installation setup files and the disk you are using for installation are not damaged.

    Further, in case you are facing msvcr71.dll errors only when you try to open a particular program, then reinstall the program to replace the missing or corrupt files. This should fix the msvcr71.dll error.

  2. Keep your PC updated with the latest hotfixes, patches, service packs and security releases. Many times, dll errors are caused by invalid and outdated files, so be sure to keep your system updated in order to reduce the number of errors that occur while also ensuring that your system is more secure.

  3. Undo any recent system changes by using System Restore tool. If you suspect that the msvcr71.dll error occurs after you make changes to any core Windows system file or registry, then you may need to use the System Restore utility to undo the changes and see if this corrects the problem.

  4. Perform full system scans using an advanced antivirus and antispyware software. It has been noted that malware infections often cause errors related to DLL files. To ensure that your system is safe from harmful programs, such as virus, worms, Trojans, spyware and adware, you should regularly scan your system using robust antivirus and antispyware tools. Also, keep your protective suite up-do-date with the latest virus definitions and security updates.

  5. Maintain a clean and healthy registry. Registry problems also cause frequent DLL errors. Perform regular registry scans to identify and repair the invalid and obsolete entries. You may use a reliable registry cleaning software, such as RegServe, for the task. This tool automates all registry repair and maintenance activities and ensures you a healthy and error-free registry.