Steps to fix Zlib.dll error

Purpose of Zlib.dll

The zlib.dll module is used by Windows applications to compress or decompress files. It is an important file and its absence from the PC will prevent you from reading or writing to zip files.

Common Zlib.dll errors

Most zlib.dll errors occur when the DLL file is missing. The following are common examples of zlib.dll errors that you may receive:

  • ?File Zlib.dll not found?
  • ?The application failed to run as zlib.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix the error?
  • ?Zlib.dll file is missing?

To fix a missing or not found Zlib.dll error, you need to either download the missing DLL from a reliable DLL download website or copy it from a computer that has a similar configuration as your machine. It is important that you save the zlib.dll file in the same location where the Epxse.exe file is located. To determine where Epxse.exe is located, use the Search feature available in Windows.

How to prevent missing Zlib.dll errors:

There are many reasons that may cause a DLL to go missing on your computer. However, by taking proper care while performing certain computing activities, you can easily minimize the missing DLL errors. Listed below are useful tips that can help you avoid missing DLL errors, such as the Zlib.dll error:

  • When deleting a file, ensure that you only remove the correct file. Deletion of DLL files by mistake is a major reason behind missing DLL errors.
  • When performing a new installation, do not overwrite a current version of a DLL file with an older version.
  • When performing an uninstallation, do not delete any shared DLL file, as this will cause a missing or not found DLL error every time any application or program tries to access the DLL file. To repair the error, you need to reinstall the removed application. You can prevent deletion of shared DLL files during uninstallation process by using a reliable uninstaller tool, such as Perfect Uninstaller for removing the unwanted programs or applications from the system.

Apart from the missing DLL, the other major reason why Zlib.dll errors occur is because of a corrupt DLL file. To prevent your DLLs from getting corrupt, ensure your PC is properly protected against malware infection. Malware infection is the biggest cause of corrupt files, as malicious programs, such as virus, worms, and spyware deliberately edit or remove the codes embedded in the DLL file and make the DLLs inaccessible. Install a reliable antivirus tool, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and an antispyware tool, such as Spyware Cease on your machine and schedule regular virus and spyware scans of your entire system. Also, configure these tools to update regularly to ensure that they can combat the latest security threats.

Registry issues may also lead to DLL errors. Entries related to DLL files are stored in the registry and incorrect modification of these entries or their deletion may lead to recurring DLL errors. Keep your registry clean and compact by performing regular registry scan and cleanup, using a robust registry cleaning tool, such as RegServe.

You may also encounter a DLL error due to outdated software and driver files. You may use automatic tools, such as Automatic Update in Windows and a third-party driver update tool, such as Driver Finder to ensure that all software on your computer stays up-to-date.