What is Xprt6.dll?

Xprt6.dll belongs to AOL LLC?s XPRT Runtime Library. This dll file is also used in AOL, AIM and ICQ applications. Xprt6.dll may also be used for BitTorrent applications. This dynamic link library file was created for optional networking applications like filesharing and chatting.

Many anti-spyware and anti-malware programs classify this as a threat. Subsequently, this dynamic link library file is often removed from the system.

Error Message

You may get error messages that are related to xprt6.dll. This could occur at any time whilst using your computer. Some experience the error as soon as they connect to the Internet, whilst others might receive the error message while using their computer. Either way, it can be extremely irritating and might stop the users from carrying out the tasks which are necessary. Sometimes the error message will simply say that you should download or repair xprt6.dll. You may also get an error message saying that the application failed to start because xprt6.dll was not found.

These errors can be quite annoying to users, however, resolving these errors is rather easy.

How to Fix Xprt6.dll Errors

Error Message

Download or repair xprt6.dll.


This error can be resolved by uninstalling the program causing the error. The offending program may be either be AOL, AIM or ICQ.

If you are experiencing any problems uninstalling any of these programs using the standard Add/Remove programs utility, you can use Perfect Uninstaller instead.

After uninstalling the problem program, restart your computer.

Once you?re back in Windows, download the program you want, either AOL, AIM or ICQ.

Reinstall the program.

The error will most likely be gone by this time.

Error Message

Application failed to start because xprt6.dll was not found.


There are two methods that may be used to remove this error.

Method 1

  1. Search your system for xprt6.dll.
  2. Make sure that you search all files and folders for the xprt6 dll file.
  3. If no entries come up, download a copy of xprt6.dll from the internet. You can also get a copy from another PC that has this dll file.

If you are going to download the xprt6 file, make sure to download the file from a reputable site. You never know what viruses or malware may be hiding in files hosted by questionable sites.

Protect yourself from malware threats and attacks by using a powerful antivirus program. You should also step up your protection by pairing your antivirus with an equally powerful anti-spyware program. Keep both these programs updated to protect you from emerging threats.

  1. If you do have a copy of the xprt6.dll file, simply place this dll file into the correct folder. If AOL is the problem application, place xprt6.dll inside this program folder.

This will resolve the issue.

In case the above method does not work for you, proceed to Method 2.

Method 2

  1. Check and see if you have multiple applications open that use the xprt6.dll file.
  2. Close all these programs.
  3. Delete xprt6.dll.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Once you open the application again, an older version of the xprt6.dll file will be automatically installed to work with the existing applications.

Since many anti-spyware and anti-malware programs classify xprt6.dll as a threat, you may want to remove this file from your computer. Xprt6.dll is associated only with AOL programs. Removing this file from your system will not affect any other applications running on your computer.